• KC CARE Now Offering Transgender Clinic

    Thursday, July 20, 2017

     In July of 2017, Dr. Frances Grimstad started KC CARE's official Transgender Clinic.

    At this …

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  • May

    May, a 20-something woman with an advanced degree, came to the Clinic …

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September is Health Literacy Month!

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Health Literacy is the ability to make good health decisions every day.

According to a study by the American Medical Association, low health literacy has a greater impact on health than socioeconomic status (income, education, occupation)

At the Kansas City CARE Clinic, we make every effort to increase health literacy and make sure each patient has the ability to make good health decisions every day. This includes ensuring that patients understand information about their health so they can make informed decisions about how to treat or prevent illnesses.

As a Clinic, we believe in the inherent dignity of every individual we serve—regardless of their background, circumstances, or literacy levels we believe that each individual deserves respectful, culturally-competent, high-quality care that meets their unique needs.  With this core value in mind, we strive to meet our patients ‘where they are’—in the case of health literacy, this means communicating health information in ways that all patients can understand and working with patients to make sure they have the information and support needed to make good health decisions.

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